Indian Chai Masala Tea (White Tea)

Welcome to Chai Kumar. We are Sydney based Tea lovers & Chai experts. Indian Chai is traditionally a White Tea consisting of Black Tea, Cardamon, Cloves, Anniseeds & Black Pepper. There are steps below on how to make a Black tea version should you want this. Update to the video above, Oat Milk works really well! It holds the texture for the non-dairy lovers.


Step 1

Traditional Masala Chai is made on the stove, boiled with milk. Fusing all the flavours of India into a rich, creamy, aromatic delight.
You will need a stove and a Pot. Use a cup, fill it with 3/4 of water and add to the pot. Please wait until the water comes to a boil.

Step 2

One Serving: Add 1 tablespoon of our Original Chai Masala
Two Servings: Add 2 tablespoons of our Original Chai Masala
Three Servings: Add 3 tablespoons of our Original Chai Masala
Generally, if you want to make 4-5. Keep it at 3.5-4 servings of Chai blend.

Add Sugar or Honey for a little sweetness

Let this rest for 2 minutes.

Step 3

Add 1/4 cup of Milk of your choice per person.

This measurement may be adjusted depending on your preference. If you desire a creamy chai add more milk, or vice versa.

For best results use Milk, Oat Milk or Soy Milk. I would say when adding Milk. It is very important to ensure your milk to water ratio is at least 30/70 Milk/Water Ratio. I sometimes go 40/60 for a really creamy texture. This will change the colour. It is important to ensure, that if the colour is too white. We need to add more black tea blend. Get the milk/water ratio right then adjust the black tea. Wait 60 seconds after adding more tea to see colour change.

Step 4

Now the magic trick. You need to ensure the full mixture of tea, water and milk come to a Boil and rise (Please see video). You will notice bubbles are formed and the tea begins to rise to the top. Reduce the heat and leave to simmer for 30 seconds.

For Soy Milk & Oat Milk I would suggest waiting until you see a foam starts to form on top and not wait for the full boil.

Step 5

Simmer, turn off heat. Wait 60 seconds & using a tea strainer pour the tea into serving cups and you will have your perfect cup of Chai every time.

Make it Black


Step 1

Boil water in the kettle. Usually each Tea Cup has 200-250ml of water.

Step 2

Add 1 teaspoon of the Chai Blend into Tea Pot, Plunger or Straining Device.
We recommend 1 teaspoon per 200-250ml of water. Pour the hot water over it and let this steep for around 60-90 seconds – opening the leaf up. Toss away this water. This will open the leaf and remove any impurities in your black tea which may cause an immediate bitter taste.

Step 3

Pour hot/boiling temperature water over the tea. You only need a quick steep for this tea to start cutting through. I would say around 2 minutes to start. You can make multiple pots with just this small amount. Each steep will slowly release a different range of flavours. The spices would have had time to soften from the previous step.  This will allow for a full range of flavour. Experiment with longer steep times to see how you enjoy your black tea.

P.S: If you are in a hurry. Take one tablespoon instead and simply do a quick 60-second steep and pour. Be careful of bitterness. This bitterness is from overstepping and the release of tannins which are unfavourable (hence the wash). These can cause a funny feeling in the stomach when the tea is too strong. Generally when a dash of milk is used this is not a problem.

Ice Chai for the Family

This makes 2 Litres


Step 1

Boil 2 Litres of Water
This can be done on a stove or in a hot water kettle.

Step 2

Once done, stop the boil
– add 5 tablespoons of the Chai Kumar Blend into the 2 Litres of Water.
(3 Litres 7.5 Tablespooons etc..)

Let this steep for 5-7 minutes.
Once done strain 2 litres of Tea into another Pot or bottle and place in Fridge. Allow time to cool in the Fridge.

Step 3

Once Cold, take out Tea.

Here is the trick.
Now add 750ml-1 Litre of Ice OR Ice Cold Water. I would say Ice.

Now as the Ice Melts slowly into the Tea it will dilute the Tea and create a 3 or 4 Litres Tea overall (depending on how much you have made) especially if it sitting outside the Fridge in summer the Ice will start to melt. Add Ice 30 minutes before serving. Otherwise Add Fridge Cold water if you wish to serve immediately.

Step 4

Add Fruit – Add Half an Orange & Half a Lemon.

Throw in Mint of Ginger if you want.

You can add any fruit you wish to change the flavour. The Fruit will give the Tea natural sugar or taste (Lemon, Mint, Ginger etc). The blend itself also has a natural sweetness.

Step 5

Enjoy a great sugar free Ice Tea in Summer. Make cocktails if you wish by adding Gin or Vodka or throw in any fruit to try new flavours.

Best Spices for the Best Chai Blends


Fragrant spice used as a core ingredient in every cup of Tea it adds dimension to the taste. It has also many health benefits including aiding digestion, fighting off cold, infections & reverses minor heartburn.


Most commonly known to be the greatest health-benefiting spice. It remedies stomach problems like morning sickness, gas, IBS and diarrhea. It helps relieve arthritis, reduces blood-sugar levels, has antibacterial properties and the list goes on.


A beautifully sweet spice which enhances the flavour of our Chai Tea Blend. The sweetness shouldn’t be undermined as it actually allows you relax. Packed with rich antioxidants, cloves are the perfect addition to balance out the energy in our tea.

Indian Assam Tea

An essential ingredient in our Chai Tea Blend is Assam Tea Leaves. Being the first Tea Leaves produced in India they are a long-standing favourite. We aim for golden tip leaves which are the purest form to ensure you get that sweet and malty flavour in every cup.


The distinct smell and flavour of cinnamon will lure you into an irresistible cup of chai. A popular spice not only known for its flavour but its health benefits too. Rich in antioxidants, its anti-inflamatory properties, reduces risk of heart disease, regulates hormones and lowers blood sugar levels there is nothing like this powerful spice.

Piper Longum

The Indian Long Pepper is commonly used in India masala blends as it helps give the Tea a ‘kick.’ We love it because it balances out the sweetness in the other ingredients which perfects our Authentic Signature Chai Tea Blend.