Our Story

Once upon a time…

The Chai Kumar story started off in Paddington Markets in Sydney Australia. We would go out to Paddington markets every Saturday at 6am and setup a stall to serve people fresh authentic Indian Tea.

We wanted to bring the real true flavour of Authentic Chai to every day Sydney-siders. Chai Kumar actually started off as an idea to brew fresh chai for people for them to consume. The Chai was well received and enjoyed by many Sydney siders.

We wanted to expand on the idea. So over time we started creating a blend we could sell to the rest of Sydney & Australia. The blend had to bring the true authentic flavour of Chai to Australia all while keeping it super simple and easy to make.

After months of perfecting the recipe, packaging our story continues here on the Chai Kumar website. So welcome to Chai Kumar, we hope that we can be your favourite cup of tea!

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