Top 5 Tips to Making the Perfect Cup of Chai

We all love Chai. That is why we are here. Chai is the direct word & name for ‘Tea” in India, as it is in many other parts of the world. So when people want to enjoy a cup of Chai. They sometimes think too fancy, too over the top. However, making a good cup of Chai is easy. Here are the Top 5 tips to keep in mind when starting your fresh cup daily.

1. Black or White?

This is the first question you must ask yourself. Do you like your tea black or white? The word Chai translates to Tea in India. Our Chai Kumar Blend is designed to be used traditionally and white tea. So get clear on what type of Tea you want to drink. Chai Kumar’s original blend is best served with a dash of milk. However, if you prefer it black. No problem. Our How to section will take care of brewing methods 🙂

2. How much Tea to use vs Steep Times

People often think there is one standard steep time when making our Tea. This is not the case. It really depends on how you enjoy your cup. If you prefer a stronger flavour, experiment with longer steep times but beware of bitterness. Milk can balance this. You can achieve the same result with a longer steep time of a smaller amount of product, as you would with a larger amount of product with a shorter steep time. It all really depends. Different Tea leaves naturally have different steep times. Shorter, small leaves cover more surface area quickly. Bigger tea leaves take longer to steep and are often found in blends with spices. Spices take 5 minutes to infuse into tea, but black tea can infuse in just water in 3-4 minutes. That’s why we recommend a dash of milk with our Original Chai Kumar blend. If you love your tea black. I would suggest a wash technique. Add hot water and let the first infusion take place for around 60-90 seconds. Allowing the Tea leaf to open. Then throw this wash away which takes our the strong bitterness of a new tea leaf. From here. Brew it black for 3 minutes and watch your tea come alive. Re-use your leaf 3-4 times. Tea leaves carry different flavours in each steep!

3. Get a Teapot with a built-in Strainer or a French Press/Plunger

A Teapot with a built-in strainer makes having tea super easy. All you do is add the amount of Tea you need, hot water, wait and pour. Then add milk to taste if needed. We love this quick and easy way of brewing. Another super-easy way to brew Chai is in a French Press. Simply add your mixture, pour hot water. Super quick, super easy. Both methods allow you to take the tea leaf out after steeping. So you don’t oversteep. Also, remember to re-use your tea leaf!

4. Water Temprature matters!

Remember, black tea usually brews at around 100 degrees Celcius. Whereas Green Tea only requires your water to be around 65 degrees. Our Chai Kumar blend is pure black Assam Tea leaves (not ceylon). This tea leaf comes from Assam, located in North India, and is the truest replication of the leaves used in that area. The steep temperature is boiling water 95-100 degrees. Remember to have the water boiling for a great steep. All our tea’s require boiling water to blend correctly.

5. Practice makes perfect

Remember, your first cup will never be a true accurate representation of the favourite cup you will make. It took me a fair few goes to perfect the stove-top authentic white version of Chai. The way the boil steeps all the tea and flavours with milk really is something amazing. I can now do the entire process in under 5 minutes. Be patient.

For more tips. Head over to our How-to section on step by step instructions and a full detailed video on how to make a true cup of stove-top Indian Chai.

All the best!

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