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Creates True Authentic Flavour.

Our Signature Chai Tea Blend has been perfected to offer you the finest cup of Indian Tea. Make every day an experience.

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Top 5 Tips to Making the Perfect Cup of Chai

Making a good cup of Chai is easy. Here are the Top 5 tips to keep in mind when starting your fresh cup daily.

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Chai Kumar mixes Real Whole Spices with Assam Tea Leaves.

Try our amazing Signature Chai Tea Blend.
True to the taste of India.




Chai Kumar sources the highest quality Tea Leaves from the sub-continent to create our own blend of True Authentic Indian Chai. The Pure Taste of India Awaits.

The word Chai literally transaltes to Tea. I have been all around Sydney and Australia yet I cannot find a True cup of Indian Tea anywhere. I see too many Tea’s & Chai Latte’s but no real Authentic Chai. I want to bring people in Sydney and Australia the finest cup of Chai. Made the authentic way with all the right flavours. Quality is my promise. Perfection is my aim.




From the heart of India.

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